Having The New Company Up And Running

There was me thinking that having my own business meant I would get to pick and choose my own hours and have it a lot simpler but when I see the workload in front of me I am starting to think that will not be the case.. But I’m told this gets better as the business grows. Most of these things only have to be done once filing paperwork with my lawyer., Bribing officials for permits, bribing contractors to complete building. When I have my store and I have everything in place all I really need to do is start to produce my art. I found out last year that enough people like my arts that I could sell it if I had the space. It seems foolish to think that a new construction could be possible but with the price of real estate’s still too expensive in city center. This unfilled lot was the exact place to make a small one-story gallery. I never thought I would be able to organise all these pieces and get my arts on shelves but I’m so happy that people like my designs.

There is also my sideline in logo design. It’s a great field.It’sa great field because when you have a small doodle it can swiftly turn into upgrades logo design. But my favourite logo designs are the ones that come from a group effort. Collaboration is a lot of fun. I worked on a logo for tropics orange juice which is a fresh organic juicing company from the city. They are hoping to sell their juices in health clubs a round the city. And also using the net from their web store. My store is going to have prints of my designs on coffee mugs pens notepads tape rolls picture frames and lots more items. I get enthusiastic about the thought of livening up everyday objects with my colourful designs. If we have to deal with and use certain objects around the home or office why not make them look as good as I can.

The thing I’m most interested in our my design prints on sticky back latex this allows my prints to seamlessly cover a refrigerator and or microwave. This makes these appliances less drab and more fab. They can also be used to modernize cabinetry and even picture frames.. I hope these things catch on because I am desperate for my business to get into the black. I have mortgaged what I can and borrowed the rest. But I think this might actually work. We are in a great part of town with lots of foot traffic in the summer and even winter.

I am excited to think of myself sitting in the front waiting and greeting customers, helping them find what they’re looking for, and making a sale article on my own. It would be the kind of freedom that I haven’t had working for other people these past 20 years. I always knew I could do it better, now here’s my opportunity. Only three weeks till opening. And I can’t wait, I better get started making up coffee mugs.

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