Greka – Undeniably One of the Best Investment Decisions You Might be Making!

If you are intending to put your cash in an organization that’s rising at a rapid level, then you must consider Greka Drilling Limited. Greka Limited Company is actually a group of companies that perform for the provision of unconventional gas often known as Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in China. It was established in 2007 as a part of Green Dragon Gas under the management of Randeep Grewal.

In those times, Randeep Grewal emerged as a hero in the business community since was viewed as the central source of Greka and has been accountable for the rapid progress of Green Dragon Gas too. Four years later, in March 2011 Greka demerged from Green Dragon Gas. Currently, the business comprises of around 250 employees with its major office working in Zhengzhou, Henan, PRC. Randeep Grewal is employed as a Chairman as well as CEO of Greka Drilling Limited. He has been quite proactive in numerous mutual ventures, mergers, acquisitions as well as reorganizations ever since 1986 in Usa.

Coal Bed Methane differs from the regular fuel fields. The standard propane is generated by hydrocarbon origin which is later on caught in a permeable as well as porous reservoir. Despite this CBM is found at a molecular stage within the carbon lattice of coal. In order to produce CBM, deep wells are drilled in the coal seams where coal seams are perforated and fractured to improve local permeability.

In keeping with an estimation, China has massive reserves of unconventional gas that’s practically 75 % of its entire fuel reserves. It is believed that by the year 2020, the development of unconventional gas would attain the degree of about thirty percent.

No one will divest the fact the business simply demonstrates growth and glory if it has an intense vision. The very same is applicable for Greka. The corporation has always focused to appear as the most acknowledged and the industry leader of the provision of gasoline burrowing expertise in unconventional propane. The company’s rules and methods revolve around this vision and this is the main reason why Greka is known for supplying shareholders highest return of investment.

Greka Drilling Limited echoes quality as well as brilliance in their tasks and this is as a result of properly educated staff the company has hired. The corporation has advanced as there was expansion of drilling activity at Green Dragon Gas’s CBM blocks. Presently it’s managed under two primary subsidiaries termed Greka Technical Services and Greka Mitchell Drilling Company. Overall, Greka has eight truck-mounted that concentrate on CBM drilling rigs. The technical staff is perfectly experienced with drilling vertical as well as horizontal wells. All the drilling rigs are built by the well known company, Schramm as well as the company is contemplating to acquire 25 more drilling rigs soon.

Overall, Randeep Grewal is guiding Greka to make new records in the gas drilling sector. Once you have put money in this firm, you’d never regret your decision. Since the day of its creation, there hasn’t been a moment when the organization was criticized by the media on its policies as well as administration methods. If you’d like the most beneficial bang for your buck with regards to investment, choose Greka!

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