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Fao Hector

I’ve just found the best internet site for all of our tech news from the Far East, it has everything that we need covering all the latest tech developments and the page has a section SEO News Singapore. I was surprised at the variety of subject matter in the pages. I mean I have seen some stuff comparable but nothing quite like this. If you need to find Tech news for the Far East, look no further than Digital Republic Digital News Singapore has amazed me with the amount of information that it contains on the subject of out line of business. I went onto the site and found that a number of of the articles directly relate to customers that we have on the books. What was even more surprising was that our company was also pointed out in one article. I was looking for a site that would give me a window into what’s going on in the tech world of the Far East, I found this site SEO News Singapore from and it is really worth a look.

When I was looking around for information to add to our newsletter I found that many of the sites we usually use have almost nothing on what is happening within the Far east. So I asked around and was pointed to Digital Republic by one of my workmates. I confess that I was a bit dubious at first but when I got into the site what an amazing amount of really up to the minute information I found. It has a brilliant page all based around the world of SEO and within the Special interest in Singapore where we have just gone into business.

I thought that I would drop you this note to let you look at the site for yourself. I get that you are swamped at the moment but try to find a minute to read up SEO News Singapore, will let you see not only how much competition we have, but also how much new work is being carried out there, right in our own field of operation.

I will pass this all onto Dave in marketing and he can have a shufti at it as well. He might even pick up a few tips to improve his own dismal output recently. I will be keeping my eyes on the site to see if we get mentioned, whether its good or bad.


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