Great Inexpensive Motorcycle Gear

If you are stuck for thoughts on where to go for new riding gear…lost in the maze of stores and offers that are in all of the riding mags…well how about this a one stop shop for all of your clothing and biking needs…simply log on to Fowlers online shop and see what they have on offer at great prices to suit all needs. This year’s new gear is waiting on-line for you at Fowlers online shop where you can see all the top of the range stock at reasonably priced prices. I was looking for a new set of leathers as the old stuff had seen better days…but the cost of a replacement set was extraordinary. I mean we all like good looking stuff and especially on a bike the best protection that you can get…but some of the stuff was just wrong. My motorcycle leathers had become very worn and I needed to buy a new set of boots as well. I went to Fowlers and bought a brilliant set of leathers and matching boots for a fraction of what I would have had to pay at other places.

The price ranges of bike leathers and other clothing items, especially Sidi motorcycle boots is going crazy. I mean I know that Kevlar is a very costly necessity now, but to be expected to pay nearly 2 grand for a full set is a bit much. Who can really find the money for that at the present time…not me at any rate.

However, i was searching through the internet and came across Fowlers who were offering a extensive choice of motorcycle clothing at very fair prices. The company label on the clothing is Rev’it and I had heard of them before. I knew that they had a name for quality so I had a look at what they had on offer.

I have never been a fan of shopping about and bargain hunting, clearly I would prefer things more affordable but I do not have the endurance to probe through all the shops, I leave that to the wife and get on with my biking.

The wife blogged a note to her buddies telling them to take a look at the sites to see what they thought…all biker chicks of course…but with the shopping instincts of hungry she tigers…Good stuff was the response and so I got a new pair of motor cycle boots whilst she gets the attractive biker leather gear…pity her butt is a bit on the big side…two cows had to die to make those trousers…I hope she doesn’t get to read this!

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