Got All My Biking Needs Filled Here

Whether you are doing up your old bike or simply needing to switch a few bits before you start tearing up the tarmac in the coming summer then take a look at what’s on offer at A R Racing I was in the market for best quality but reasonably priced replacement parts for my bikes and visited this site to see what was available Replacement part or new or older bikes can be found at A R Racing. Chains, sprockets or tank pads are all available here for purchase. The parts that need changing through simple wear and tear are usually the most pricey to replace. I find that my tank pads are worn through after a seasons riding and the chain and sprockets are next to go. My tank pads often wear through very quickly after a seasons hard riding…and more often than not the chain or sprockets need replacing soon after.

I used to go to my local stockist but the prices there have went through the roof and often the need to replace is tempered by my ability to pay. It was one of my chums who put me onto A R Racing and said that they offer the best at great value prices. So I had a look on their site for Stompgrip Tank Pads and I also had a little look for Chains and Sprockets while I was there.

I hunted and he was not incorrect…I saw that they had in stock and ready to ship all of the parts that I needed at that time to bring my bikes up to speed for the coming summer. I was a bit unsure when I saw the cheapness of the bill…sometimes you get poor quality rip offs sent instead of the real thing…some generic junk that lasts only as long as the bike isn’t used. But this lot were true to their word and these were factory parts.
I can say with a degree of confidence that I would use them again…no doubt…and you should give them a try as well…I have told a load of my biking pals who are all now regular users of the site to maintain their bikes as well.

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