Good News For Fallujah

U.S. vows retaliation for contractor deaths in Iraq ( Online)
We’re going to hit them hard and deliberately. I suppose if we’re going to give Iraq an enima, Fallujah is the place to start. The military seems psyched and I’m ready for them to put the insurgents out of business.

U.S. Marines manned roadblocks on the outskirts of Fallujah on Thursday, biding their time for a major mission that authorities vowed would subdue the city where four North Carolina-based contractors were killed and dismembered by cheering mobs.

“We will be back in Fallujah,” declared Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, the deputy director of U.S. military operations in Iraq. “It will be at a time and a place of our choosing. We will hunt down the criminals. We will kill them or we will capture them, and we will pacify Fallujah.”

Kimmitt said there would be no “pell-mell rush into the city. It will be deliberate, it will be precise, and it will be overwhelming.”

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