Good foreign sites with Good sports content

When we talk about sites which are not in the well known parts of our world and that have good and quality content of sports stories, then we should say that the website that goes with the main keyword Sportske prognoze should be above other similiar sites.
In Croatia we have few similiar sites but only is one of the newest additions to the whole story about sports in Croatia, the whole balkan area and the worldwide legue in sports like football, baseball, soccer and other sport types when it comes to them.
The UI of the website is pretty unusual, but holds quality together with the content of the website.
The site has over twenty good writers that are in the sports niche for over 10 years and know when to spread the information that they have, apart from other things that they do. Above that, the site gives us additional information about the current state in the sports niche in Croatia, especially the last game of Dinamo – Real Madrid that Real won by 1:0. One of the best matches in the begining of the legue, with some great scens where we could see that Dinamo was one of fewer clubs that could stand with stable feet agains Real Madrid.
Apart from that, we should carry on twith the story about betplace. If we take a look at the designe of the whole idea, the site gives as a stable blue template that offers visibility together with usability where you can see all the information on the front end of the site, and also access other areas of the site via the toolbar’s on the right and left of the site. On the left toolbar you can always see who is online, usually their are lot’s of betplace writers online and that means that the site is updated on a regular basis, with good content.
If you want to join the whole community feel free to join theire facebook group that sports over 1000 fans right now, and it’s always good to know that their facebook group is ful of valuable members that post aditional information everyday regarding the niche in which the site is posted. As for the number of visitors, Betplace is currently holding a good position on Alexa ranking and has over 400 unique visitors every day. Pretty good results for a site that’s over 2 months old, specialy for smaller niche sites like this one. As for other marketing campaiqns, you can see them in other countries like Serbia, Bosnia and similiar countries where they offer shows for people that want to join theire world of sports tips, soccer evetns and other types of sport amusements!

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