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I have been scouting round in your behalf and have discovered a web site that can allow you to see simply the place and when the very best car auctions in Australia space coming off. I used to be at a loss to find a place that could give me that recommendation because most of the high quality and vintage automobile gross sales are only marketed in locally obtainable publications. Nevertheless, I met a bloke at one of these car auctions, who informed me that he travels all over Australia attending, bidding and selling on previous cars. I found it laborious to find a central information supply for car auctions in Australia. I went to the positioning for a glance and found that there’s a sale going off in Melbourne later this month that may interest you. Will probably be dealing with an enormous lot of outdated American automobiles that had been left here by the Yanks throughout the late 70’s. I wondered if this would be of curiosity to you and ship you the main points of the car auctions to come. I know that you’re additionally excited by different car auctions Australia but this one appears to me to be the greatest bet for finding the ‘Transam’ that you simply want.

I went to a few car auctions final week in the suburbs of Sydney and I saw a pile of cars being bought as a job lot for scrap. In amongst the rubbish there was one bit of gleaming gold, a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, that seemed as if Dingo’s had been squatting in it. It was a proper bloody mess, but I looked closer and saw that a lot of the harm was superficial and repairable, however get this…I found a battery and a few gas…and after somewhat little bit of tinkering obtained the blodger to start. It hadn’t turned a wheel in 20 years but after three or 4 turns of the important thing she blew an enormous fart of sot and started to run. A bit rough I’ll grant you, nevertheless it was working.

So I shortly stopped the thing and set about shopping for the lot…it value me 300 bucks to get it and the very first thing I did was tow the Curler and sell of the rest for scrap…made just a few bob on that deal as well. Bought old Mr Royce’s child again to my storage and set to work. Six months later I knocked the beauty out at one other car auction for 3 and half K. Good enterprise I think.

Anyway…this website will get you started when on the lookout for car auctions in Australia and who is aware of, just a little gem might fall into your lap as well. I am going to take a turn out to the big one in Melbourne myself subsequent month, I do know a bloke who’s seeking to sell of his two jaguars at auction and he’s in search of at the least six thousand each. I believe if I’m going at him earlier than the car auctions I can get him to see purpose and drop his worth down a bit.
So see you there…Wallace.

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