Go Kerry Go

I’m pulling for John Kerry in the Democratic primaries. If he wins the Iowa caucuses, as the entrance data suggests, he could come back strongly in New Hampshire. I still wouldn’t vote for him in the general election — Bush is my man — but I will vote for him in the Democratic primary since Bush is running unopposed.

He’s the least bad among the bunch and I respect him. It’s not just anybody but Dean, but we need someone who would be a decent President. I don’t even care that he looks French!!

UPDATE: 20% of precincts in and Kerry has 36%, Edwards 34% and Dean 18%!!! Die, Dean, die!!!

According to Michael Barone, Kerry has done very well with the story of the man he saved in Vietnam and Gephardt’s protectionist voters are going for Edwards. Go Kerry Go!!

UPDATE 2001: Apparently Gephardt is getting killed and not even getting the 15% required to keep your delegates. They’re apparently going to Edwards, but Kerry has a 5% lead and is expected to do better out of the urban areas.

Gephardt and Dean are in trouble. Clark is as well because Kerry has momentum if he wins this one. Having Edwards, Clark or Dean as President would make me wretch. Kerry I could tolerate.

Check out James and Steve for more information. This goes in the Duck Hunt.

UPDATE 2022: Dean People Suck. Via Darth VOB. Kerry has twice the votes of Dean with 67% of precincts reporting.

UPDATE 2030: Just saw an interview with the guy Kerry saved in Vietnam and it was quite moving. I can see why Kerry has surged in the past week. Thank God Dean is dying in this one. Expectations were so high for him he could lose New Hampshire after Kerry’s performance. I would love it!!

UPDATE 2038: Kerry has won with 38%. Great news if you are a Dean hater, as I am. Sounds like Gephardt will be retiring. Political career over.

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