Getting The Kitchen Done Up


My girlfriend likes white kitchen cabinets, I do not really care but she likes the antique white kitchen cabinets from this great site we found When my girlfriend saw what they had on their site she went into overdrive and started to measure everything in the kitchen to see what would look and fit the best. The variety and choice is really good but she was so well into it I went out to for a few beverages and she did not even notice I was gone!

When she gets a bee in her bonnet about something like this I just take a step back and let her get on with it. She is like a woman posessed with this stuff at the moment. When you decide to look let me advise you to keep Maria away from the site for as long as possible. I do not mean to be out of line but it is your house buddy and you have to live there, she just visits.

I’ve no idea what they see in white kitchen cabinets, I mean kitchen furniture is all well and good, but I am a contemporary sort of guy and she just loves the antique white kitchen cabinets to death. I would have a preference something a bit more modern, but she is the gate keeper to household decoration and fitting, so there you have it. I am getting to be sorry that I logged onto that site as it is causing me no end of hassles and her no end of joy…I wish she felt like that about football.

Ever since we came across that site its all I hear about and now she has told her mum about them its got even worse, its all they talk about. Just giving you a heads up for when she tells Maria and you end up in the same boat as me.

Try not to let her take control or you will, I assure you, live to regret it…women and new furniture is a heady brew!


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