Germany Pulls Out Its Secret Weapon

AP Wire | 02/20/2003 | Miss Germany Makes Peace Trip to Iraq
First Sean Penn, now Ms Germany. How could we possibly go to war knowing those two oppose it?

With the threat of war looming, Miss Germany Alexandra Vodjanikova flew into Baghdad on Thursday, saying she wanted to meet with Saddam Hussein to discuss peace.

Stepping off the plane at Saddam International Airport wearing a black shirt and black pants, Vodjanikova, 19, said she would like to visit hospitals and meet with Iraqi children during her three days in Iraq.

“I want to meet Saddam Hussein about the peace,” she said. “I will go to see hospitals, meet the children and all the people of Iraq.”

Anti-war activists have been coming to Iraq in recent weeks to denounce a possible U.S.-led military attack. The United States and Britain have massed about 200,000 troops near Iraq in preparation for a possible war.

Germany is strongly opposed to military action against Iraq, and says U.N. weapons inspectors should be given more time to do their job.

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