General Moving Tips

Is your family or workplace preparing to relocate? The very first choice you need to make when you plan to relocate your home is whether or not you will be employing a company to pack your personal things for you. Alternatively, you can choose to pack your own things by yourself. Purchasing or borrowing moving boxes and supplies is a very good idea if you are doing the packing yourself. A number of supplies that you should have include: sofa covers, mattress covers, 1.5 cube boxes, 2 cube boxes, 4 cube boxes, 5 cube boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape and a marker for labeling packed items. An organized person will gather these materials before beginning to pack for your move to make the process as simple and stress free as you possibly can.

Once you have your supplies prepared, you can go along with some of these moving recommendations:
– Develop an inventory system of items that you plan to move.
– Pack in advance. Packing a house generally takes more hours than you anticipate and the more accomplish prior to moving day, the fewer surprises you will have.
– Bins and boxes that are uniform in dimensions are easier to load up. Don’t forget to stack big ones at the base and smaller ones on the top.
– Try to use the appropriate size boxes and packing supplies to shield your things. Every box and packing supply has a specific use.
– Name boxes so you know what is in them and exactly what place they should be brought to in the new location.
– Pack things you don’t need until after you reach your new home.
– Load up one room at a time with the kitchen area last. The kitchen area is one of the last rooms used prior to your move and is typically among the first areas to be unpacked at your destination.
– Separate valuable documents and objects so they are able be carried by you individually on moving day.
– If you have to deliver valuable items inside the moving truck, make sure you have pictures, appraisals and/or receipts with you in case they go missing and you have to submit an insurance claim.
– Load up fragile items loosely with lots of packing paper and mark the box “FRAGILE”.
– Pack unbreakable things tightly in smaller boxes.
– Pack literature on top of one another with all the bindings alternated so that they stack uniformly.
– If possible, load up small appliances and electronic equipment in their traditional boxes.
– Have a minimum of 10 extra boxes reserved for last minute items on moving day, including bed linens, clothes, and cleaning products.
– Reserve basic cleaning materials to clean your old place immediately after moving out. Clean as much as possible in advance.
– Utilize your travel luggage and backpacks to pack clothes in.

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