French Experiencing Blow back On Behavior

Reuters AlertNet – France snaps at British jibes, clarifies help offer
Give the bastards no quarter. They were very explicit in their veto threat and now is not the time to be backing off on castigating the French.

Considering the hell they put us through for the past four-and-a-half months, they deserve whatever happens to them. Peckerwoods.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair bitterly castigated French leaders on Tuesday for what he called their misguided and profoundly dangerous stand that blocked the U.S. and U.K.-backed resolution and benefited Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Arguing that Saddam only responded to threats, Blair said: “And yet when that fact is so obvious that it is staring us in the face, we are told that any resolution that authorises force will be vetoed.

“Not just opposed. Vetoed. Blocked. The tragedy is that had such a resolution been issued, he might just have complied.”

French President Jacques Chirac shocked Britain last week by vowing to veto any war resolution “whatever the circumstances”.

Straw termed it “extraordinary” that he rejected last-minute British compromise proposals even before Saddam did.

Guy Teissier, head of the National Assembly’s defence committee and a member of Chirac’s centre-right UMP party, also rejected the vituperative attacks fired from across the Channel.

“I think it’s a way out to avoid or disguise the defeat of the resolution of the British, Americans and Spanish,” he told France’s i-television. “Actually, the solution would have been to have given more time (to the arms inspections).”

This is actually a pretty nice little summary of French behavior over the last couple of weeks.

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