Frankly, Since It’s American Blood And Treasure On The Line, The Iraqi National Congress Should Sit Down And Shut Up

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US falls out with Iraqi opposition
Unless we want chaos in Iraq after Saddam is gone, there will need to be military rule. This will also be necessary for the denazification of the Ba’athists and Republican Guard.

The only way the INC could “run” things is with the U.S. military behind them. Why have the facade? Just make it clear people will be respected as long as they do the same for others. Order will be maintained. End of story.

After a satisfactory time there will be a transition to joint military / civilian rule and eventually complete civilian rule. But only after a stable government is in place and a constitution is in place that protects individual liberty.

The Bush administration is on a collision course with its closest allies in the Iraqi opposition over how the country should be run after the fall of Saddam Hussein, compounding the confusion now surrounding Washington’s preparations for war.

Guardian interviews with four of the seven leading opposition figures have revealed the depth of the rift between Washington and several of the main parties claiming to represent the Iraqi people.

The split has overshadowed a much-delayed meeting in Irbil, northern Iraq, now slated for this weekend, which will bring together opposition leaders who have spent much of the past decade at loggerheads. It is hoped that the meeting will forge unity between the disparate groups.

But their temporary reconciliation has come too late for the United States, which has given up hope of unifying the Iraqi exiles, and opted to run the country itself in the aftermath of the war.

The Bush administration told opposition leaders at a meeting in Ankara earlier this month that it plans to install a transitional military governor and keep much of the existing Iraqi bureaucracy in place. The proposals have opened such a deep gulf between the US and its traditional allies in the Iraqi opposition – particularly the Iraqi National Council headed by Ahmad Chalabi – that a leading INC member has even raised the possibility of a revolt against the American occupation troops after the war is over.
I believe that should read “Iraqi National Congress”, not “Council”.

Oliver Willis has a different take on the situation.

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