France, Russia And Germany Can Blow Me

Yahoo! News – France, Others: Attack on Iraq Illegal
I’ve said this as many times as can be and apparently France, Russia and Germany aren’t reading my blog. I’m miffed! Our Constitution enumerates a power allowing our Congress to declare war on whomever it chooses for whatever reason it chooses. The UN Charter, even though it was ratified by our Senate, does not trump an enumerated power in our Constitution. No treaty can ever do that unless we abandon our Constitution. It’s as simple as that and this war is perfectly legal.

With war imminent, the most outspoken opponents of military action against Iraq — France, Russia and Germany — insisted Wednesday the United States will be acting illegally if it attacks Iraq and overthrows Saddam Hussein.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov told the U.N. Security Council that no U.N. resolution authorized military action or “the violent overthrow of the leadership of a sovereign state.”

There are also “no indisputable facts” to demonstrate that Iraq threatens the United States, he said. If there were, the Bush administration could exercise its right under the U.N. Charter to respond in self-defense.

The foreign ministers of Russia, France and Germany attended an open council meeting held only hours before the clock ran out on a Wednesday evening deadline set by President Bush for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq or face war. Though the Bush administration has said the time for diplomacy was over, the ministers made a point of attending to reaffirm their opposition to war and assert the primacy of the United Nations.

Declaring that military intervention “has no credibility,” Germany’s Joschka Fischer also stressed, “There is no basis in the U.N. Charter for a regime change with military means.”

French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin reiterated his country’s contention that a war would not only be illegal but would exacerbate the tensions and divisions on which “terrorists feed.”

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