FITTING A NEW Glasgow KITCHEN – What you need

To fully match a brand new kitchen it’s good to be a reliable DIYer, with good skills in carpentry and an excellent understanding of electrical and plumbing work. If a few of the work needs to be carried out by a plumber, (Fuel Secure registered for gasoline work) joiner or an electrician then these are costs that should be considered. Even with these prices you can save some huge cash installing the kitchen units yourself. I had been not too long ago quoted around £1500 to fit a primary kitchen and the quote excluded plumbing and electrical work so there are great financial savings to be made with Kitchens in Glasgow DIY.

Fitting a new kitchen isn’t a ‘two minute job’ and requires lots of instruments :-

Battery drill / driver plus wooden and masonry drill bits, electricians screwdrivers, power / pipe detector, claw / lump hammers, bolster chisel, spirit stage, pliers, side cutters, pump pliers, saw, Jigsaw, tape measure, sealant gun, square, marker pens.

Don’t neglect security gear such as goggles, face masks and gloves. In case you are using 240volt energy instruments use an RCD safety device.

At all times bear in mind Safety comes First, test earlier than beginning work the place the services are in the kitchen, use a power / pipe detector to check for hidden stay cables and water / gas pipes earlier than removing the old kitchen units, drilling holes or chasing out walls.

Having followed the above advice quite closely, I am pleased to report that my brand new kitchen was set up two days ahead of schedule. I did use licensed tradesmen for the electrical do the job along with the tricker components from the plumbing. Nevertheless by carrying out just about everything else myself with, just a little support from my wife saved nearly £800 on my Glasgow fitted kitchen. I can completely advise fitting your individual kitchen to everyone with a fair degree of capability.

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