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Istanbul joins Europe to Asia. It’s 1 of the most exotic and exciting cities that you’ll find anywhere. It has heaps of genuine tourist attractions, it is relatively safe to travel around and in case you apply yourself, it might be extraordinaryly affordable.

The city has the full range of tourist hotels that range from the reasonably priced bedsitters around the Sirkeci railway station and Taksim Square. Plan to arrive early to consider any low price accommodation standards differ seriously. The greatest family run establishments offer terrific value & after you have stayed several days & you will feel like 1 of the family.

There are lots of three & 4 star boutique hotels offering Rose Turkish Delight with a number of oriental themes. At the top end you’ll find the traditional Sheraton & Hiltons and in the suburb of Beyoglu, the Ritz Carlton, the Marmara Pera, Marmara Taksim, Ceylan Intercontinental plus the Hyatt Regency.

Due to the fact we consistently try to find something different, we’d selected to stay at the Pera Palace Hotel in Mesrutiyet Caddesi, 98. This is the last of the grand Victorian hotels in the city. Built in 1892 for passengers travelling from Paris, London & Vienna on the Orient Express, the hotel stands out as 1 of the most luxurious hotels of its era. It has an awesome list of guests that include: Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Hemingway and lots of Hollywood star & real royalty. Agatha Christie wrote part of her well-known thriller Murder on the Orient Express while staying in Room 411. The hotel’s interior is like a living museum with its dark wood ceilings, its magnificent chandeliers, Rococo elevator & marble that’s identified everywhere. The hotel has just about completed a significant renovation and is set to re-open in April 2010.

The coffee retail store, Le Patisseri, like the hotel itself is definitely of a different century and the list of those who have sipped coffee or tea here includes such notables as Kamil Ataturk, Mata Hari, Greta Garbo, the late Shah of Iran and an Albanian spy named Cicero. As you find yourself sinking in to a pure Orient Express experience, the hotel is undeniably worth staying in, if only for the Traditional Turkish Delight

Even should you aren’t addicted to great coffee, the world’s finest teas (the coffee retailer offers twenty-7 varieties), marzipan, kadayif & baklava (filo pastry), chocolate filled croissants and the world’s finest Turkish Delight, make this a must for guests & tourists alike. Ask about the teas, countless of them are served in a conventional style samovar, a heated teapot. Turkish coffee can be rather powerful & is an acquired taste.

Over lunch or dinner try a choice of Raki, a clear anise-flavoured drink that turns cloudy when water is added. It’s served in the Grand Orient Bar at the hotel or in restaurant throughout Istanbul and is usually offered with many different side-dishes. If you’d prefer something non-alcoholic attempt a glass of ayran, a salty liquid yoghurt or a cherry juice named visne suyu.

We did not eat at the hotel’s dining room as we preferred instead to try out numerous the numerous first class restaurants which are located nearby. We enjoyed the Haci Baba in Istikal Caddesi 49 (near Taksim square). This really is an inexpensive, traditional Turkish restaurant that serves over 40 principal dishes & 25 deserts. Ask the waiter to suggest what to order and follow his advice. Practically all meals start with a meze which is a selection of appetizers. Having a group of four-6 (or more) enables you to choose a wider range of modest dishes which incorporate, amongst other items, many different dips, smoked fish liver, modest pastry-wrapped parcels of salted goats’ cheese, meat filled artichoke hearts, spiced green beans in tomato sauce, different yoghurt dishes, green peppers stuffed with modest shrimps and herbed rice and quite a few dishes based upon eggplants. These are served with flat Turkish bread. Yummy.

Numerous days we just had the meze – it’s a meal in itself. On hot days try the cold soup of yoghurt and rice with mint. Or after a day’s tough walking, you might prefer a main course like lamb and eggplant stew, a stew of sea bass filled with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions & garlic or a rice pilaf with eggplant & spiced ground beef. For dessert, we had to try 1 of the fruit based dishes, named, gladly adequate “Lady’s Navel”. Also obtainable were “Beauty’s Lips”, “Nightingale’s Sighs” and “The Sultan Smiled” The very first two are significantly sugar mentioned and the rest are served with a potent fruit liqueur. Add a glass of Raki or a bottle of quickly improving Turkish wines to provide the perfect complement to the food. Locally brewed, Efes Pilsen beer is also accessible.

Find nearby taverns named meybanes or attempt the countless reasonably priced fish restaurants down near the waterfront. They all offer a distinctive Turkish dining experience.

There are a substantial range of tourist attractions in broader Istanbul. Use one of the exceptional guide books to give you the detail or employ a neighborhood guide. The shortlist would include: Church of St Saviour in Chora, boat trip along the Bosphorus, the Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Haghia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Suleymaniye Mosque plus the waterfront. Allow a half day each. However, no visit to Istanbul is complete without a visit to a Turkish bath, referred to as hamans. Attempt the Cagaloglu Baths near the entrance to the Gulhane Park at Seraglio Point. Some luxury hotels offer their own baths but ask concerning the authenticity of the experience.

After 5 days in Istanbul with its fine dining, nightclubs, Raki & fine wines, splendid sights and friendly folks, we did indeed start to feel like a Sultan. And you could too. Yes, Istanbul is indeed a Turkish delight.

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