Fantastic Batman Site With Loads Of Great Information

It is a big argument but in my eyes an important one, who was the best Batman? The Batman Movie debate raged on and in reality I had my own opinions but kept quiet and let the other two run out of gas. It was a bit of a bummer as night s go because that was all they argued about all night…so I left early. Despite this, it did set my mind to thinking about the movies and I went on line to see what I could a find out about them. Finding secrets and trivia that even the geekiest of my friends were unaware of really cheered me up. So I swotted up on the site and went to the next night out ready with information to astound and confuse my bickering pals. I now knew so much about the movies and the actors performing in them that I felt that I was now an authority. Looking at the site and seeing which Batman movies in order was a revelation. Need to know about Batman movies then have a look and have a wander around the site…it is packed full of useful and little known details about the franchise.

I looked at Michael Keaton in the role as well as George Clooney and Christian Bale…I saw who were the baddies and the directors and all sorts of stuff. Now I was not really into the films at first…I favored my super heroes to stay on the pages of their comic books…but after reading some of this stuff I went out and rented some DVD’s of the movies to have a look at them and contrast notes.

Some I enjoyed others I did not but all in all I was entertained and you can’t ask of more than that. I could see where the flaws were and how each director tried to put their own spin on the stories. The site had given me a bit of an insight into what was going on and I enjoyed the movies all the more for it.

So after studying like a man posessed for days, watching film after film and looking at all the back stories I went to meet my buddies in the pub where I am sure I would blow them away with my debating skills and superior knowledge only to find them discussing the finer points of the Lord Of The Rings movies, I give up.

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