Emily Nails The Leftists

I happen to agree with those on the Left that are concerned with our liberty being eroded by things such as the Patriot Act. That’s why we fight abroad — to preserve liberty at home. Of course, the Left would object to that as well meaning I get to piss everybody off, which is fine with me.

Nevertheless, Em has a great list of Leftist BS that is a must read.

Update: Em has another post that is a must read. Some idiot compared George Bush’s America to the Taliban and here is Emily’s response:

Sure, with the exception of women being allowed to work, go to school, and wear what they’d like, television, film, and photography are permitted, as are neckties, chess, kite flying, computers, dance and music. We’re even allowed to do card tricks. Otherwise, the Taliban and America might be mistaken for twins.

Gotta love her.

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