Electronic Cigarettes Really? Yes They Actually Do Assistance You to Stop Smoking

Yes, I am Weak. There, are you happynow? I am weak because I can’t give up smoking. I have triedpatches and chewing gum and been hypnotised. If there is a sure way of stoppingout there I have triedit and failed. Plus I really lovesmoking which makes it even more trickyto take the betterchoice.Then along comes a chumof mine who says that he had actually just aboutgiven up the realpuff by using an electric cigarettes. I believed he had lost it…I mean and electric ciggie… the guy has to be on the wind up to have me believing an electric ciggie may help out But he said that it was the most excellentthing since Sharon Stone did her leggy thing and gave me a look at one.

The first time I saw him have one I just couldn’t seem to get my head around it. The thing he was smoking looked just like a cigarette but it didn’t have all the naughtyfeaturesin it that gives you all the health issues. I fancied a littleshot so askedhim for a puff.

Now no lie…I consideredhe was having a laugh…but after a few drawsI started to feel as if I was in factsmoking a real rolly. So I had yet another go and he said that I could have this one, he had another at home. So off I went drawing on this electric cigarette and in realityfeeling not too badabout it.
I had a searchon the internet and lo and behold there it was…my new best friendin all its glory. I thought it was suppposedto help you stop…well it will if you want it to, but it was in point of factcreated for peoplejust like me…worshippersof the smoke buthaters of the evils that accompany it. It said on the web site that all of the nasties had been removed…except the nicotine…well where would a real smoke be lackingthat?

So I thought about it and was about to put it

Thankspeeps and keep the faith!

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