Edwards Already Posturing And Campaigning For President

Edwards is a worm and an opportunist, which is nothing new. It takes a lot to get me to defend the FBI given their past record, but this could do it.

Come to think of it, we haven’t heard of the high-profile failures we were hearing about routinely even before 9/11. Maybe Mueller has made a difference.

Although FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III has been known to lose his temper with subordinates, the former Marine and prosecutor rarely gets carried away in public. But earlier this week, a long-winded harangue from Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) apparently got the best of him.

Edwards, taking over the microphone during a “Worldwide Threat Assessment” hearing by the Senate intelligence committee on Tuesday, aimed a lengthy critique of the bureau’s performance at Mueller and argued that “the FBI’s effort at reform is too little, too late.”

The Democratic presidential contender put in a plug for his own proposed legislation, which would create a new “Homeland Intelligence Agency” along the lines of Great Britain’s MI5, taking away responsibility for domestic intelligence from the FBI.

After first accusing Edwards of overlooking the bureau’s accomplishments, Mueller raised his voice a notch.

“I’ve offered you personally to come down to the bureau and be briefed on the changes that we’ve made since September 11th. You have declined . . . to come down,” Mueller said, plowing past an interruption by Edwards. “And I asked you in particular, before you introduced the legislation, that you come down and see the changes we have made. So I ask you to do that before you submit the legislation.”

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