Early Adopters

This is a big story around the blogosphere of late — see Spoons, Glenn and Roger — and I thought I’d add my two cents.

As far back as 1998 I had abandoned television altogether and was getting my news exclusively from the Internet. I was a CNN junkie starting in college in the late 1980s — I loved their use of Reagan’s famous words “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” — and it continued unabated until the Internet became a reliable news source. I had all but abandoned the rest of television — except for Friends (yeah, it’s lame but I have to laugh at something and it’s light) and Seinfeld in syndication — and went as far as to cancel my cable. I watch movies (hence the 500 or so DVDs) and still can’t be bothered with regular television.

I had a small change of heart when talking to a friend and couldn’t pronounce the word “Kosovo” and had the cable re-connected when I moved into the Chicago suburbs in 1999. I still got most of my news from the Internet — CNN had a good site as far back as 1996 — but watched the news to catch the pronunciation of words.

During the 2000 recount fiasco I was glued to CNN in all of my free time, though I had a cable modem and was getting even more news from the Internet. I discovered Fox News in 2001 and haven’t been able to stomach CNN ever since. Over time, I got irritated with the arguing and confrontation on FNC’s main shows and now watch them with the mute on and read the captions. I can watch Greta’s show since she keeps a thumb on her guests. Still, I mostly listen to the iPod while reading the captions and blogging.

In recent years, since hotels have gotten high-speed internet access, and given all of the travel I do, these habits have been even more reinforced. I’m in a hotel room right now, listening to Sammy Hagar with Fox News muted and me reading the captions. And blogging.

Pathetic? Your call, but I still like Friends. I don’t have to think when I watch it.

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