Dreambox 800 is a truly well-liked dreambox for sat viewing

The aptitude of the DreamBox DM800HD that is Linux-powered will probably be determined by you HDD choice.The sample for our review was operational with a drive of 2.5” and 120GB. External power provide is 1 other factor the 600 and 800 models have in common.

1 benefit of this function is that it allows it to operate cooler as well as that its receivers are able to be powered from a 12-volt DC supply which is suitable. This really is ideal for persons travelling inside a caravan. The 800HD allows for standard-def connectivity and reception to making it effortlessly satisfying to have just a 14” Scart-fed portable set if you ought to determine to take it on the driving journey.

There’s no need to look further than the display of the front panel for confirmation that the receiver’s design is an accomplishment of structure over perform.

In spite of the small size in the 800HD (196 x 130 x 40mm), the designers of DreamBox 800 believe it’s ideal to make accommodation for a tiny edition of LCD front panel states which adorns the products that are full-sized. Although an excellent cutting-edge idea, the displayed text is so small that it would be good if a magnifying glass is supplied. Adding towards the already limited usefulness will be the fact that there are no controls, except for the standby.

There is a card slot which is concealed by a flap and is opposite towards the front-panel. The slot is active only if you are emulating a CAM with a third-party firmware or ‘plug-in’. As a standard practice of Dream Multimedia to pre-install Enigma2 firmware, there’s no provision for CAM emulation.

Standard connectivity

The possibility exist for switching the Scart output between S-video, composite or RGB which are all come with stereo audio. In addition to the single tuner LNB input which has a loopthrough, there is also two USB ports, Ethernet, an eSata (external SATA) terminal for gadgets for storage, an RS232 port and, amazingly an analogue modem which is built-in.

There’s only one information or power connector so fitting a hard disc of 2.5” or attaching an eSATA will probably be easy to do. An downside though is the fact that it’s not possible to have external and external drives operating simultaneously; the well-designed BCM7401-powered 300MIPS Broadcom ‘motherboard’ includes only a single SATA connector. The connector is routed towards the panel port at the rear if there is any requirement for eSATA operation.

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