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Your face betrays our lies. It could do so quite accurately. On this hypothesis has worked a team of researchers from the Universities of Bradford and Aberystwyth, which have created a facial recognition method, they say, is in a position to detect if we are not telling the truth, as recorded by BBC.

The program contains a substantial resolution camera that is made up of a temperature sensor and runs guided by sophisticated algorithms. This device performs a scanner to capture facial expression changes and virtually imperceptible adjustments within the temperature with the blood circulation.

In accordance with scientists, our emotions could be read on the movement of the eyes, dilation of pupils, inside the pressure from the lips, breathing or blinking. And they are just the visible indicators, since the pressure and temperature of blood inside the veins around the eyes also betray us. They would all be detected by the new gadget has been tested to date only on volunteers. Hassan Ugail Nonetheless, the teacher who captained the research group, no doubt about its effectiveness: “In a genuine situation, with substantial anxiety, we could receive even greater success,” he says.

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It is estimated that the effectiveness with the new lie detector is around 90%, a percentage equivalent to that supplied by the polygraph, the only system that operates right now for this purpose and was released in 1920. Ugail highlights the positive aspects, however, his creature, “much much less invasive than the polygraph” and its outcomes are known in genuine time.

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