Don’t get ripped off by taxi cabs in D.C.

Next to driving Metro within the D.C. space, taxi cabs are additionally a frequent mode of transportation here. Ever since D.C. eliminated the fare zones a few years in the past, it has turn into slightly more challenging to foretell the cost of a taxi ride within the city. Thankfully, the D.C. authorities has a considerably useful web site that may enable one to estimate what it might price to take a cab. Sadly, D.C. right now does not allow one to use a credit card to pay their fare. However, the rate most, in keeping with the D.C. Taxi Mountain View Commission, is $19 (plus any relevant surcharges.) Thus, it should not be an excessive amount of of a thriller to foretell what a cab trip will cost.

Displayed on the D.C. Mountain View Taxi Commission site, one can view the same price sheet that is posted in a D.C. cab, along with other useful information. With just a little prior planning utilizing Google Maps, one can then calculate about how far a experience will likely be and its corresponding cab fare. The charges shown additionally delineate additional passenger fees and ready time. Thus, one can get an idea if they are being “taken for a trip” ought to the cabbie resolve to take the longer route on purpose.

Reserving a cab in D.C. isnt fairly as advanced as it’s in Maryland and Virginia. A web site known as Taxi Magic permits one to e-book a cab for free using a Personal Digital Assistant, mobile phone, or over the web. Be careful in regards to the subsequent step though when booking. Mountain View Taxi Magic links to a web site known as Trip Charge, which is a service that can permit one to charge their taxi forward of time using their credit score card. Once booked, and the experience finished, the rider nonetheless should name Trip Charge to authorize the payment. The time savings is negligible and it does value extra. Plus, there’s the awkward silence with the motive force if the cost doesnt go through. One can use Experience Charge to guide without spending a dime and still pay utilizing a bank card (minus the additional surcharge.)

Bottom line: be empowered with widely available info for the buyer when taking a taxi in the D.C. area. Some areas are better than others for rate predictability and the option for reserving cabs online. However, there ought to be much less of a chance of being taking advantage of if correctly armed with the suitable information.

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