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Just a couple of lines to see how you are getting on with the new office installs. I was onto Carl last week and he was saying that you will be having a significant amount of trouble with your operational support provider, who seems to have gone south with his firm owing a lot of money. Well guidance is at hand and I have a feasible answer for your business broadband needs. I hear that the new office is proving to be a issue in getting started as one of your company broadband suppliers has gone bust Louis was telling me of a new company that will provide you with indefinite business broadband support for a fixed bill every month, no hidden costs I know of a business that will present you with unlimited business broadband access and support that will meet your needs completely. The firm is named Tetrabyte and offer up a variety of support and guarantees on your broadband provision for a fixed and set monthly fee. If I could talk my boss into moving over to them I would, but he is just uncooperative and won’t listed to reason. Terabyte will give you unlimited business broadband at a very affordable monthly cost I would utilize this company in a flat minute for our business broadband.

When I was searching all around a short while ago for a new service provider for our own company and I found the process to be prolonged, complicated and to be rank, very complicated. They all provide you with the world for your money, however when it comes to the nitty gritty you will get a small amount of of what they offer, unless you agree to pay them back extra fees. I was even offered totally free access by one lot and all I had to complete was consent to them installing the routers as well as other wireless necessaries. I nearly agreed until I saw in the small print that when they did the installation we would be expected to pay for the job, and the rental of the products at an exorbitant price. It’s no surprise that they could afford to give the business broadband away for free.

Here is what you receive from Tetrabyte:
Full across the country IT support
Set rate per month, with no hidden charges
Monthly renewable agreements using a promise that they’ll beat the cost of your present provider

Contact them yourself and find out if it suits you, I know that unlimited business broadband suited me, told me regardless will you?

Speak to you soon…John

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