Donnie Darko

I watched Donnie Darko on DVD and was impressed. Somehow I missed this in theaters in 2001 and am only now seeing it.

It’s an intelligent horror flick along the lines of The Sixth Sense, in that it doesn’t have to spill buckets of blood to get suspense. What it doesn’t do is answer all of the questions it raises. In that sense it’s more like a David Lynch film, minus the gratuitous female crotch shots — not that I mind.

It’s about a kid, Donnie Darko, who’s in high school, has a troubled past with a troubled present to match. He’s visited at times by an imaginary friend that’s a rabbit, but much more dangerous than Harvey. A jet engine that drops out of the air plays a big role as well. Very inventive.

I read the reviews of this movie and most seemed to complain about the ending. Considering everything that had gone before, I don’t see how it could have ended differently. Within its own little universe the ending to the movie made sense and wrapped things up about as neatly as can be expected. Excellent movie. 9/10.

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