Creating an Effective Brand for Your Twitter Profile

Creating a brand for yourself on Twitter will help you build a targeted list of followers who actually want to know about your offer as well as helping you to make a good impression on your target market. There’s a lot that you can achieve from your Twitter account if you can simply learn how to brand your Twitter profile page effectively …

Use a Picture: If you want to attract followers, you can’t stay anonymous by not having a picture. A photo, preferably where you’re smiling into the camera, will greatly increase your profile’s effectiveness. You definitely need a picture of yourself for the profile, not some kind of logo or generic avatar. You need a real picture of yourself, where you appear friendly as well as full of confidence. In case you have other partners in your business with their own Twitter profiles, you should each have a photo, yet you could share the same background to show you’re part of the same team. Your picture is just one factor that helps you create your brand more effectively on Twitter.

Color Mix: You might as well not have a profile if it looks unprofessional because the color mix is terrible. You need to think hard when you pick out colors for text and background. You will have to pick colors that match up with the rest of the elements present on your profile. So, saying you will be using red and blue in your profile, then you need to make sure that this color scheme is present everywhere.

You need to pick a good color for your links, especially one that people don’t have any difficulty in reading. It’s a fact that people usually want to know what link they are clicking and where it’s leading to before you actually do it. Such things might appear small issues but they can have quite an impact in the long run.

Notice Management: The little notices Twitter sends out informing of a new follower are quite useful in keeping your profile clean and building a brand. These notices can become annoying when you have a lot of followers or a lot of people signing up to follow you at the same time. However, until you get to this point they can be quite useful and will help you build and maintain a relationship with your followers in the beginning. Instead of having a direct impact on your branding efforts it helps in the background.

You can build a strong Twitter brand with all the ideas in this article which form a powerful foundation for you.

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