Count Is 3-2 And The Pitcher Hits A Homer

Outstanding. The Cubs have heart. Kerry Wood made the Marlins pitcher use up his arm and then knocked it out. Beautiful.

UPDATE: Spoons is getting VERY UNCHARACTERISTICALLY profane and drunk. Well, at least uncharacteristically profane. This Cubs game may just be the end of him.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Spoons has indeed taken the Cubs loss badly, to put it mildly. He’s even turned comments off and will be taking the next couple of days off from blogging.

It sucked, but it was a fun ride. For too many years we’ve come to expect little from the Cubs. Now they’ve proven they’re a good team and we can expect more in the future. They just need to win the World Series on or before 2007 to beat the 100 year mark. I hope that Back To The Future movie is wrong; 2015 is too long to wait.

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