Conspiracy Theorists Of The World, Unite!!

A Plot to Deceive? (
Via The Professor. This may well be the definitive debunking of the theory that Bush and Blair lied about WMD just so they could start a war. Glenn’s comments are better than anything I could come up with and here they are:

Well, it’s better than admitting that if you’d had your way, Saddam Hussein would still be shoveling children into mass graves, I suppose. And that’s what this is really all about. Having lost the argument about the war, and having had Saddam’s brutality proven beyond any reasonable doubt, the anti-war folks have to do something to regain the moral high ground — because, to them, the moral high ground is theirs by right, regardless of the nature or consequences of their actions.


The next challenge for those of us who believe in the justness of the Iraq war is to not cede the moral high ground to its opponents. Remember, the people we are dealing with are people that sought to actively protect a mass murderer who ran people through industrial plastic shredders for amusement. If the weapons of mass destruction don’t turn up soon, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, nor does it mean the means for producing additional WMD doesn’t exist.

By all means read the entire Robert Kagan piece at the Post. It would take a coverup of massive proportions to make the “Bush lied” argument true. I remember watching Tony Blair at a multinational meeting and he stated flatly that every country in that room that had an advanced intelligence agency KNEW Iraq had WMD. No one countered him and I saw a couple of people looking at the table. Never cede the moral high ground. It is ours.

There is something surreal about the charges flying that President Bush lied when he claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Yesterday The Post continued the barrage, reporting that Defense Intelligence Agency analysts claimed last September merely that Iraq “probably” possessed “chemical agent in chemical munitions” and “probably” possessed “bulk chemical stockpiles, primarily containing precursors, but that also could consist of some mustard agent and VX,” a deadly nerve agent.

This kind of “discrepancy” qualifies as front-page news these days. Why? Not because the Bush administration may have — repeat, may have — exaggerated the extent of knowledge about what Hussein had in his WMD arsenal. No, the critics’ real aim is to prove that, as a New York Times reporter recently put it, “the failure so far to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq may mean that there never were any in the first place.”

The absurdity of this charge is mind-boggling. Yes, neither the CIA nor the U.N. inspectors have ever known exactly how many weapons Hussein had or how many he was building. But that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and the ability to produce more? That has never been in doubt.

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