Colocation San Jose Details

COLOpeople is a widely respected colocation leader specializing in placement services in San Jose, Ca. We have a distinguished and unique approach to colocation solutions as we are not tied down by representing only a single colocation facility or company. While this may not be the most conventional approach to colocation service, we feel that this gives us the freedom to consider all possible options and choose the most viable solutions for each client based on their individual needs. Most colocation facilities are able to provide reasonably fitting colocation services to their clients. However, we feel that it is not our goal just to discover an appropriate or adequate solution for your company, but to unearth the most optimal solution possible at the best rates possible. We understand that no two colocation San Jose facilities offer the exact same colocation services at identical rates and that is why we feel that placement services represent the new age of colocation solutions.

COLOpeople has the experience, knowledge and expertise to make the most educated decisions on your behalf. First, we learn about the specific needs and budget of your company and then survey all the possibilities to determine the most ideally fitting facility for you. To supplement this attitude towards perfection, our large network provides an abundance of resources to properly make these decisions.

These services come with no obligation or cost to you because of the fact that our funding is completely provided by the companies participating in our network. As a result, our only focus is to find that ideal match for you and our network ties allow us to negotiate the best deals on your behalf passing the savings directly to you. We know that it isn’t just about understanding the technologies of the industry, but equally important is the ability to understand the constantly evolving market landscape. We have a researched knowledge of both of these imperative aspects of colocation and as a result of that, we are the most qualified entity to make these important business decisions.

While we have provided our services to multiple large-scale Fortune 500 companies, we are fully capable and willing to serve the needs of businesses of all sizes and even individuals. We understand that not everyone has the expendable resources to build and maintain their own dedicated data center and as a result of that, we provide both full and fractional cabinet setups. Whether your company is a corporate giant or a small business, we will find the optimal colocation San Jose solution for you and save you money in the process if you call us first.

We understand the uncompromisable importance of data security especially when it comes to business. Because of this, all of our facilities are equipped with the latest advancements in the most stable, reliable, secure and consistent technologies and only utilize the most modern cooling and fire suppression technologies, which ensures power stability and internet connectivity.

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