China In Space

I tried to come up with a cute Mel Brooks take on the title — remember his “Jews In Space” thing? — but failed. Anyway, Spoons has a post expressing some alarm over China making it into space. My comment was as follows:

I read an article yesterday that says they are in a race for second place, with Russia and that we are miles ahead of them.

Even so, I agree with Buckethead and would go a step further: integrate NASA into the military. This idea horrifies the left because they don’t want a weapons race in space, but they are naive to think it won’t happen anyway.

Look at the other frontiers: we fought on land as soon as we could walk, we fought on water as soon as we could sail and we fought in the air as soon as we could fly. Even if we signed an international treaty outlawing weapons in space or the like, we will still develop space-based weapons just so we aren’t blind-sided in a few decades.

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