Bush Approval Ratings Up

His approval rating is at 55% according to this Gallup Poll found via Right Wing News.

The economy is showing signs of strengthening, making it much less likely a Democrat can ride into the White House over a bad economy. I know the President has little or no control over the economy, but it’s a deciding factor in elections and perception matters. President Bush isn’t making the mistake his Dad made by appearing aloof when it comes to the economy and can point to his tax cuts as evidence.

The economy is set to be growing strongly by election time and, despite all the bleating about foreign policy and the Left’s hatred of President Bush, if the economy is strong President Bush will be nearly impossible to beat.

As George Will said on CNN the other night, you need a reason to unseat a President and he predicted Bush would win, all the while saying the Iraqi War was a mistake and no WMD will be found. The election will turn on the economy and voter optimism. Reagan’s approval numbers were considerably worse than Bush’s one year before the election and he beat Mondale like a narc at a bikers’ rally, to borrow a quote from Dennis Miller.

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