Bought My New Motorcycle Brake Pads At Last

We did really well around the UK last year in the ring championships. As a team we finished third after a awful start to the season through in race breakdowns and spills. The issue was that the replacement parts were becoming too expensive and forcing us to cut down on practice sessions on the tracks. We lost race after race and were soon down at the bottom of the league after only three months. Going to the foot of the league was due to the price tag of new parts for our bikes. It was a chum of one of our riders who put us onto A R Racing telling us that they were one of the best providers of quality and value Motorcycle race parts and accessories for bikes that he had discovered. This site carries a variety of parts and accessories that are specifically designed for racing bikes.

I was always on the hunt for a trustworthy supply of motor cycle race parts and accessories especially brake pads…as these along with tyres…are the most often used up parts of a racing bike at meeting. It would be nice if we had a bottomless pit of money we could throw at our bikes but because this is not the case we were on the lookout for good deals as well as quality items and we found it at A R Racing.

I would not put our recovery just down to the parts, but the fact that we could now have enough money to send on replacements…particularly the brake pads…meant that we could now use up more practice laps to get our riders well used to the tracks and the environment.

I would say to anyone that it is well worth a look at the site to make up your own mind,
A R Racing may show a source of supply that suits your pocket but for the best deals on motorcycle brake pads you really need to go to the site for A R Racing to find the best fit for your bikes.

I would have been a fool to go elsewhere after seeing the great value on offer. I saved over £600 in one purchase of parts…where else would you see that? Take a tip…we got to where we are by spending wisely and now are looking forward to an even better placing next season.

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