Blogging Philosophy

Chris Lawrence has a post on blogging frequency and the like. This explains a lot of my recent rollback in posting. I have other commitments over the next couple of months and blogging has started to feel like a chore. I have noticed a steep dropoff in people that are hitting the main page since I didn’t resume my normal blogging after Memorial Day. Apparently my traffic levels were tied heavily to my frequent posting, but it’s gotten to the point that blogging isn’t that much fun anymore and that’s a sure sign of a need to throttle back for a while. From now on I’ll only be posting when I’ve got something to say. Hopefully that will improve the quality of the site, regardless of traffic, and make the people that do read happier.

It’s odd that it coincides with my two-year blogiversary but that, combined with a weekend away from the computer almost all of the time, played a big role in the cutback. That and the realization that more than 4600 posts in two years is insane. That rate was never sustainable over the long term, unless you are Glenn Reynolds. I’m not and I’ve really enjoyed spending more time away from the computer and when I’m there I do more reading than before. That’s a good thing.

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