Blogging Burnout – Likely To Last A While

The past day or so I’ve just been reading the news and following what other people have to say and have been enjoying it. It’s likely to last a while unless my situation changes – overwhelmed with life in meatspace and in a good way – or I get over being burned out. I’m just throttling back a bit. I lengthened the number of posts that show up on the main page so there will be more reading available. The past weekend felt so good I want to get a feel for life away from the keyboard.

It’s an awkward time with this being an election year and all but there’s still a while until the election and lots of news that’s going to be repetitive. Very repetitive. If you like, this post can be an open thread to discuss whatever you want. Just keep it civil and I’ll still be responding to comments as possible.

My summary of recent news:

* The handover caught me a bit by surprise and the amount of violence is likely to increase. The choice for Iraqi PM seems like a good choice, though anyone taking that job might as well have a bullseye on him. I hope we are providing Secret Service protection for the guy.
* Bush handled the impromptu press conference pretty well. A pleasant surprise.
* Kerry’s positions are barely distinguishable from President Bush’s these days. The only difference is his healthcare plan and the repeal of the upper-class tax cuts. The other stuff is just form, though Europe would probably cooperate with him more readily. Of course, their fundamental problem remains: they lack a substantial military and have little to contribute in the way of troops or money. Just a bunch of talk about multilateralism and other diplomatic platitudes.
* The economy continues to improve and at a strong pace. Should work in Bush’s favor though we’re seeing the revenge of the baby boomers and Bush has a tough road in front of him. My parents are from that generation and can’t stand it because there’s a huge mass of people that cut their teeth politically in the 1960s, which goes a long way in explaining the divisiveness in the country now.

That’s about it really, at least as far as I’ve seen. Like I said, just throttling back a bit to enjoy life a little more and deal with the work load.

BTW, I’ll try to get that thing with the right sidebar fixed when I can.

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