Belle W. Altman – Resume

Hey! I happen to be one of many crew leaders of CabalArticles, a hungry young content writing company. We write content in English and Spanish for multinational online audiences, and are available for content production for your internet site. Below you will find my CV, and you may be able to read other crew leaders and team members’ CV’s on this web page. At the bottom of my CV, you will find some instances of our publicized posts. For employment inquiries, please email us with the form on this web site and we will respond as soon as can be.

Belle W. Altman
2566 Cambridge Court
Springdale, AR


Graduated With Special Honors from Dartmouth College

10 years of writing experience (expressly for Electronic audiences)

Stunning fluency in Spanish

Focused, group-oriented member of staff with a talent for particulars

Employment Experience

CabalArticles, New York City, NY

2001 – Present

Staff Leader

Accountable for organizing a global staff of copy writers to fit a complex set of production goals and objectives.

– Set new records for production, growing production by 20% throughout the world

– Correctly managed dependable records of work distribution

– Handled QA for world creation over a large staff of freelancers

Extra Skillsets

Fluent in Spanish

Innovative proficiency with a full selection of office computer software

Examples of Released Works