Bell Drop Helmet 2012

Whenever your rocketing down hill on your bike at 40mph or just about to start of on a long time trial on one of your most cut-throat courses yet you want to be confident that you will be protected if the worst should take place , what takes place if you come flying of your bike after achieving your record speed ? basic safety helmets are an fundamental part of the motorcyclist kits and are accountable for saving many lives many thanks to their remarkably reinforced fibre glass covering , the Bell Drop Head protection is developed to fit perfectly to the conforms of your head and skull to ensure minimum injury should the worst take place , thanks to it’s fibreglass shell it is also a lightweight headgear to ensure it doesn’t impede your overall performance one bit and at less than £100 it is ideal for specialist bikers and newcomers a like after all can you really put a price when it comes to your safety , especially when it comes to safeguarding your brain .
Acquiring the bell drop Helmet is easy to do, simply pay a visit to our shop and pick out your measurements , we offer small incremental headgear sizes to ensure that it is an exact fit , after all there is no point in buying a helmet that doesn’t fit the exact contours of your head. If for some reason the helmet is to big or to small you may return it for a substitution supposing the headgear hasn’t been ruined , we also offer totally free delivery 365 days a year and your purchase is generally with you the following operating day!
The Bell Drop Cycle helmet comes in a selection of styles and colours from the well-liked Black Full Face Helmet to the many digitalised image coated helmets. Those fascinated may also wish to look at the Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet. Prices vary between £50 – £150 for the bell range of helmets, dependent on size, function and style. Visit our web site to see the full range of helmets for both kids and adults and prices to suit all finances from just £10. Keep in mind that cycling with out a head protection is exceptionally damaging and actually not worth the danger for such a small investment in your own individual safety.

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