Belgian Hubris Rears Its Head Again

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | US chides Belgium over rights law
That they think they have jurisdiction beyond their borders is amazing. They can’t be that stupid. One day Belgium is going to screw around and try to nab Ariel Sharon, Colin Powell or Dick Cheney and find themselves in a war. My advice is a major boost in Belgian military spending.

Washington has berated Brussels after several Iraqi families announced they were suing former US President George Bush and other US politicians for human rights violations in a Belgian court.

Families of those who died in the US attack on the Amiriyah air raid shelter in Baghdad, which took place in the 1991 Gulf War, are to file a case against the former president under a law enabling Belgian courts to hear human rights cases.

Belgium’s “universal competence” legislation allows proceedings against people accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, regardless of their nationality or location.

“We have cautioned our Belgian colleagues that they need to be very careful about this kind of effort, this kind of legislation, because it makes it hard for us to go places that put you at such easy risk,” said US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

“If you show up, next thing you know you’re being… Who knows?”

Mr Powell is accused, along with Vice President Dick Cheney, former US army commander Norman Schwarzkopf and former president George Bush snr.

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