Being Competitive For Very Best Dressed Up Award

My works Halloween get together had been forthcoming and I required something special to erase the smug look off the face of Michael who had won the best halloween costume competition for the last 3 years. To be truthful he did generally come up with amazing outfits and the effort and hard work he put in was outstanding but now every person just expected him to win consequently nobody even attempted to make the effort anymore and focused on getting there and commencing drinking.

It was always thrilling to get to dress up as your most popular personality as a kid and I presume being able to be a big child again that makes it a great deal of fun as an adult. I must say however that I prefer when people don’t mind making a fool of themselves or dress up scary, too many men and women are too set on dressing to make themselves appear to be runway models or something and so far as I’m concerned zombies, werewolves and pirates should not be appealing.

So, this year after the success of the current Muppet motion picture I decided to create a Kermit halloween costume completely from scratch. I got myself a complete, spandex, green catsuit with hood and then sliced a table tennis ball in half and connected it on the hood for the eyes. The fancy dress didn’t leave much to the imagination nevertheless it was fabulous and very exciting. I got green paint at the same time for my face and hands and when I was all dressed up I looked wonderful. There seemed to be only one issue, my eyes. I’ve always had vibrant blue eyes and when I was all greened up they shone so much it was essentially the most detectable thing about me, and for someone inside a full body lime green catsuit that is saying something.

I considered my issue for a while and then it came to me, colored contacts! You can simply get all sort of things nowadays so I looked online and was stunned to discover such a excellent range of coloured contact lenses and in no time at all I found the ideal green ones that may blend in great with my outfit.

Halloween came along and we all got into our costumes but apparently my opponents outfit of Fred West didn’t really go down to well and when I walked in as Kermit everyone adored it, my eyes looked unbelievable as well and everybody was surprised with how good they looked. I went on to raise the best dressed trophy and even got a few phone numbers off the back of my figure hugging halloween costume. I just have to start organizing next years dress-up costume to protect my title and I am positive my eyes will be a big part of it again.

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