As Many Last Chances As Arafat – Bush: Saddam throwing last chance away – Feb. 20, 2003
What President Bush didn’t say, but is equally true, is that the UN is throwing away its last chance to prove it is a serious body worthy of our membership.

I have no idea when the trigger will be pulled but I expect it to happen. At that point, without endorsement from the UN, the UN will have proven itself incapable of leading the world or providing any measure of security. Just another diplomats’ club.

President Bush on Thursday raised the possibility that war with Iraq could be avoided but added that the United States is prepared to act “with many nations” to disarm Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Bush discussed the Iraq situation during a speech outlining his tax cut plan to supporters at a suburban Atlanta high school.

“As we insist that Congress be wise with your money, we’re going to make sure we spend enough to win this war,” Bush said.

After the applause died down, he added, “And by spending enough to win a war, we may not have a war at all.”

But Bush said the U.N. Security Council had given Saddam “one final chance to disarm, and he’s throwing that chance away.”

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