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To make this more exciting, imagine The Temptations singing Get Ready:

* John Hawkins explains why he will support George W. Bush in 2004. He also has a collection of quotes by Wesley Clark. They’re not flattering.
* Darmon Thornton has a post on why President Bush hasn’t “taken an easy Presidential term and screwed it up”. Some people actually think this. Really.
* Michael J.Totten links to this NYT piece about Dennis Miller in which Miller says:

Dennis Miller, the liberal-turned-conservative comedian and defender of President Bush and the war in Iraq, is less than two weeks away from being the host of a new talk show on CNBC. For him it can’t come soon enough.

“People say I’ve slid to the right,” Mr. Miller said in his office at the NBC Studios in Burbank, speaking in his rat-a-tat-tat style. “Well, can you blame me? One of the biggest malfeasances of the left right now is the mislabeling of Hitler. Quit saying this guy is Hitler,” he said, referring to Mr. Bush. “Hitler is Hitler. That’s the quintessential evil in the history of the universe, and we’re throwing it around on to win a contest. That’s grotesque to me.”

Mr. Miller, who was speaking about television advertisements submitted to a competition held by Voter Fund, a liberal political group, was just getting started.

“Did you see the Democratic debate the other night?” he asked. “To me Dennis Kucinich’s politics are more scrambled than Rod Steiger’s dream journal. And Clark? He’s a wizard in many ways, but when I hear him speak, it’s almost like he’s slumming. There’s a mensch discrepancy there. At least John Edwards, who to me is a reasonably shallow guy, at least he can dog-paddle around in that park and not look out of place.”

* James Joyner is critical of Paul Bremer for his frequent trips back to D.C. and is critical of the UN as well:

Doesn’t the State Department have telephones? It seems like Bremer is in DC more than he’s in Baghdad. And, frankly, I’m not sure what it is that the U.N. would do between now and June 30 that couldn’t more easily be done by the team that’s already in place. Granted, Kofi Annan is from Ghana, where they have a long and distinguished history of democratic governance, and heads the U.N., which consists entirely of modern countries with excellent human rights records. But still.

* Steven Taylor has a rather snarky response to Carol Mosely-Braun dropping out of the Presidential race.

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