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Unlike other bloggers I don’t have a cute name for my posts which provide links to other bloggers. Unless I come up with something cute, I’ll just keep calling it around the blogosphere.

* Scott, of The Daily Ablution, noticed that I’m no fan of PETA and pointed me to a post of his on animal “rights” activists and their acts of violence against researchers in the UK.
* Jeff Soyer, of Alphecca, has his weekly roundup of media bias with regard to guns. Look for it every Monday.
* Mark, of Not Quite Tea And Crumpets, reports on the state getting a little out of control when a mother attempted to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator (yes, you read that correctly) for her young son. Mark swiped the story from Hi! I’m Black.
* Chris Lawrence, of Signifying Nothing, and Jeff Jarvis, of BuzzMachine, both note that Sabine Herold, the young French libertarian who protested her own government over Iraq and labor unions, is quite the babe. Agreed. Chris wonders if she’s really French.
* James Joyner, of Outside The Beltway, has concluded his Clark-Clinton caption contest. Good results.
* db has an excerpt of a post by RangelMD that helps explain the rising cost of health care. I concur. Read both.
* Steven, of PoliBlog, has found a story that shows some ingenuity by way of raising illegal drugs.
* Michael J. Totten has an excellent post on Wesley Clark and other comments about appealing to the fringes of either party. He cites the Republican Convention of 1992 when Pat Buchanan made his culture war speech. That speech ruined the convention for me and the Republican Party is immensely better off with Buchanan on the sidelines. James, Stephen Green and Steven Taylor have some thoughts on playing to the fringes as well.
* Radley Balko, of The Agitator, has found a column by Woody Allen that’s actually funny. Allen seems to have a thing about the universe expanding, if I remember Annie Hall correctly.

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