Appeasers Versus Warmongers

Optimistic War Protesters Keep Pressure on Bush (
They’re still at it though in vastly reduced numbers. That guy walking on stilts must not have been as persuasive as they thought. I suspect the demonstrators will be reinvigorated once the war starts, which will be soon.

I hope the demonstrators keep their anger focused on the politicians and leave the troops out of it. They deserve our support for the sacrifices they make. Also, I can’t think of an easier way for the antiwar folks to demonstrate their ill will than to show contempt for our troops; they’ll only marginalize themselves by doing so.

They had come for what was billed as the last chance to make a statement, tens of thousands of them, chanting, waving their homemade signs, bringing their children for a real-life civics lesson to rally around the Washington Monument and march on the White House, pressing their case against war with Iraq.

From the monument grounds to the pavement of Pennsylvania Avenue, people spoke of the power of the antiwar movement, which activists said has succeeded in at least stalling the Bush administration’s plan for war by aiding diplomatic setbacks.

The administration’s difficulty in winning United Nations support for a military strike created an up-tempo, we-can-do-it spirit to the noon rally and march. But the turnout, District police said, was surprising. Police estimated that about 40,000 attended yesterday’s demonstration. D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey said he had thought that the city might get up to 250,000. “I really thought they would get more,” he said.

Rally organizers disputed the police count, putting it instead at about 100,000. They said the march, organized in just a few weeks’ time, exceeded their expectations. “Given the fact that it was called on short notice . . . it’s confirmation again that there is massive opposition” to war in Iraq, said Brian Becker, an organizer with International ANSWER, a coalition of antiwar groups that sponsored the event.

Ramsey said the demonstration was largely peaceful. The only incident came shortly after 3 p.m., when about 50 protesters broke off from the main march. About a dozen stormed inside the World Bank headquarters near 18th and H streets NW, where one window was smashed. Six people were arrested for unlawful entry, police said.

Many marchers, hoping to send an emphatic message to the White House, said they participated for many reasons, as the diplomatic clock appeared to tick on a war in Iraq. “It’s a great feeling of excitement,” said Stephan Vrudny, 38, of Chicago, a mechanical engineer and newcomer to protests. “There’s a feeling that it could make a difference.”

I see they STILL have that bunch of Stalinists organizing their marches for them. Why this is necessary I’ll never understand. They’re allowing a marginal group to punch well above its weight by relying on them for logistics.

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