Another View On The Immigration Policy

You could say that I’ve taken the coward’s way out on the immigration proposal put forth by President Bush. I’m troubled by the idea of rewarding illegal behavior and I believe in the rule of law. I also recognize that illegal immigrants are criminals simply by setting foot on our soil.

However, I consider increased immigration both inevitable and desirable because of the boomer retirement that’s upcoming. Actually, truth be told, I would consider it desirable in any case, boomer retirement or not. Immigration contributes to a more dynamic society and as long as the new immigrants are willing to embrace a few norms, like speaking, reading and writing English, I think it’s to the good. Immigrants should realize that we have a culture too, even if part of it is taking in other cultures, and that if they don’t want to become a part of it they should remain in their country of origin where they can practice this culture they’re fleeing. Or something like that.

The details of how we get there are open for discussion. If someone could convince me that we can locate and deport the people that are currently in the country illegally and that we will subsequently set our immigration quotas at levels that are enforceable, I would probably go along with it. Right now they are clearly set too low for us to enforce. How do I know this? We have 8 – 10 million illegals in the country right now. That’s how I know.

Spoons has a thoughtful post that’s highly critical of President Bush’s immigration policy — it’s a rare day when Spoons is not highly critical of President Bush — that’s well worth a read.

UPDATE: Chris points to a Tech Central Station column by Professor Bainbridge supporting the immigration proposal and he responds to criticism via his blog.

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