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Shrinking the U.N. (
In answer to Will’s first question, no, France hasn’t fully considered the consequences of its chicanery over the last couple of weeks. The UN and NATO will likely be diminished or dissolved — please, God, let it happen — after all of this is done.

NATO’s mission was completed a decade ago and a new military alliance to combat terrorism may be needed. But let us begin by dissolving NATO and starting from scratch. The UN adds nothing to world security and should be dissolved. France can then take its proper place among nations: mid-level.

Has France considered the consequences of making the United Nations and NATO redundant evidence of the mortality of organizations? NATO’s primary function is no longer collective security; it is to give collective weight to European nations in their dealings with America. The U.N.’s crucial function is to enmesh America in inhibiting procedures. Hence the diminution of NATO and the U.N. will further emancipate America while miniaturizing two stages on which France struts.

Today the U.N., toyed with by France, is making more likely a war that might not be impending if the U.N. had not been so involved in dealing with Iraq 12 years ago. In August 1990 the first President Bush vowed that Iraq’s aggression against Kuwait “will not stand.” He said that before involving the U.N. in reversing the aggression. Had he organized the reversal of that aggression outside U.N. auspices — as President Clinton organized the 1999 campaign against Serbia — Iraq’s regime might have been changed. One reason Desert Storm did not reach Baghdad was that it was constrained by a U.N. mandate to merely liberate Kuwait.

But that may not have been the only reason. For all of today’s talk about America’s imperial itch, this nation’s uneasiness about its imperium was apparent when Iraqi officers, detailed to sign the armistice terms, arrived at Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf’s tent. Rather than search only them to ensure that they were not armed or suicide bombers, Schwarzkopf magnanimously suggested that both sides be searched, starting with himself.

Fast forward to Hans Blix addressing the Security Council last week, continuing the 12-year tutorial of Iraq concerning U.N. unseriousness. Blix — no Pollyanna, he — acknowledged that Iraq has, in his priceless locution, “missed the opportunity” to account for thousands of tons of chemical and biological agents that “many governmental intelligence organizations” believe exist.


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