Another Born-Again Progressive Takes Aim At President Bush

In the past I’ve said that Mike simply speaks the truth, unadorned with bullshit and he’s in fine form in this post about Rickie Lee Jones, another burned out lefty looking for meaning in her life:

Oooo, there it is, the Left’s newest favorite scarifying boogey-man: Fox News!!! Run away, run away!! As for the rest of this, two points: we’ll see if you Loons have what it takes to unseat Bush in a bit over a year, you twit. And there’s a big bad E-ville™ corporation called Kimberly-Clark. They make a fine and useful product called Kleenex. You might want to check into it next time this apparent phlegm problem crops up, you vile, classless cooze. Sheesh. An aging, drug-raddled trollop hawks a lunger on the floor while railing about someone else being “low-class.” Pass the Crack-Age Emily Post here a PBR, somebody; she’s going to lecture us some more on “class” and might need to wet her whistle a bit before carrying on.

Every time I get angry with President Bush — and I’ve had reason to including waffling on Israel, steel tariffs, agriculture subsidies, a new prescription drug benefit for Medicare, etc. — someone like this comes along with their oh-so-meaningful musical / movie discourse on politics that makes me ill.

She rants against President Bush about the Patriot Act, completely forgetting that all but one Senator voted for the Patriot Act — meaning 48 or more Democrats did vote for it. It passed 98-1. Only Russell Feingold voted against it in the Senate.

This type of nonsense always disgusts me for reasons I can barely explain. Maybe she’s looking for her sixteenth minute. Maybe she’s sucking up to Hollywood. Who knows? She might be sincere — I doubt it — but she’s proving herself a moron just by ranting against Bush and the Patriot Act.

Read the rest of Mike’s rant. Well executed.

For more on this drug-addled moron check out Little Green Footballs. Charles actually met her.

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