And I Thought Diplomats Didn’t Have A Sense Of Humor

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Libya chairs human rights body
This article pretty much speaks for itself. As of Monday Libya heads the UN Human Rights Commission. The UN is reaching self-parody.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission begins its annual session on Monday amid criticism that its chair is itself guilty of gross human rights violations.

Libya was elected to head the commission in January over strong objections by the United States and human rights watchdog groups.

The 53-state assembly is meant to try to uphold the observance of minimum standards for human rights by governments worldwide.

But it has no real means of forcing authorities to adopt its codes.

This six week-long annual session is a chance for member states to name and shame publicly abusers of human rights.

Participating nations can pass resolutions highlighting or condemning violations committed inside countries, although resolutions are only adopted when voted upon by a majority of the commission – and that is the hard part.

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