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Without exception, all Americans are entitled to the protections of the Constitution. They are entitled to the equal protection of the law and all the other rights protected therein, including others not mentioned.

Oliver Willis, a cantankerous blogger of the center-Left who is all-too-quick to blame President Bush for everything, as I see it, has posted on the reaction to the attack on Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait. His argument: all Muslim-Americans are suspect when it comes to the war on terror by the Right. There are legitimate reasons for concern, as he points out, with the history of Japanese internment.

As I’m writing this, it looks like it was a disgruntled American soldier, Muslim-American, who perpetrated the attack. It’s not known if it was religiously motivated or a personal grudge. Even given this late-breaking news, if it turns out that it was religiously motivated, it’s not an indictment of every Muslim-American. Likewise, I don’t think ignoring the one uniting factor in all of the 9/11 high-jackers — male Islamic extremists between the ages of seventeen and forty — is wise either. How do we square this circle and stay in good with the Constitution? I don’t know, but ignoring the only common factor seems dangerous to me.

The story of the attack on Camp Pennsylvania isn’t even five seconds old, and some people seem quite ready to concede (adding in the DC sniper for some odd reason) that all Arab or Muslim-Americans are just sleeper agents ready to slit our throats while we sleep. One of the folks Instapundit links takes this a step further saying “I think it is entirely reasonable for Americans to suspect the loyalty of American Muslims”.

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