American Women – An International Horror

I must say I’m more sympathetic to Kate than this Fred, who seems to have a rather narrow view of women, to put it politely, and doesn’t appreciate the difficulties of playing multiple roles and doing them all satisfactorily. If he prefers women from Singapore with the intellectual depth of a wading pool then, by all means, he should go grab one.

I’m not advocating a pity-party for women in general and I’m certainly not advocating a government program of any kind. It does seem though that husbands can help out here. Kate is in a unique position being married to a military man who could be called away to any part of the world to fight terrorists, but most are not.

Another thing to consider, though it won’t work for all, is a general simplification of your life. If you’re on a treadmill, working yourself silly, to make a mortgage payment then get a smaller house. Likewise on the other toys. I’m single and found myself working and traveling constantly to make a payment on a house I rarely saw. I’m fixing that. In fact, I close on the 22nd of August.

Obviously I lack Kate’s perspective: having a twelve-year-old walk in while I’m using the bathroom is not something I relate to. But I do think my own limited experience provides a broader application: simplify, wherever possible.

As for the bathroom, get one that’s closed off — where the toilet has its own room. That might help.

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